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Address:  4220 Gilman Rd. El Monte, CA 91732

Phone: (626) 652-4150
Fax:       (626) 602-3908

School Vision and Mission
La Primaria is committed to high intellectual, social and personal expectations, and high standards of performance for all students, within a caring and safe environment.

School Profile
La Primaria Elementary is focused on teaching all students to be proficient readers and writers by the end of third grade. To achieve this goal, we offer several innovative programs to our students. One such program is the Waterford Early Reading Program. Each day, all students in grades kindergarten through second have the opportunity to use the Waterford Early Reading program in their classroom or in our Waterford mini-lab.

This program reinforces the outstanding instruction our teachers offer in the area of reading development and provides one-on-one practice with phonemic awareness, phonics, reading fluency, comprehension, writing, and typing skills. Students progress through the Waterford program based on their individual needs. In 2006, we were proud to be recognized by the Waterford Institute as one of only three, National Best Practice sites in the country! 

La Primaria is supported by: 

Isela Ponce De Leon, Office Manager
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  • Magnolia Learning Center